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9th Annual Christmas Family Weekend

In 2007, my family decided that instead of getting gifts, we would spend a whole weekend together.  We enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to do it every year since.  This year was the 9th.

This is where we stayed.  I think we all instantly fell in love with this place.






If you look through the dining room windows, you might be able to  see the water.  I can’t even imagine how beautiful this place is in the summer.


I packed more knitting than clothes!  Naturally.


Jacob did the driving while I knit.  What a good son.


Kayla apparently doesn’t like her picture taken but I got her anyway. And little Callie there in the corner.

We took the ferry, which is one of my favourite things in the whole world.  It was cold and rainy but my sister and I made the best of it.



Yes!  I was still wearing my flip-flops.

After we settled in, picked our rooms for the weekend and put away all the food, the shenanigans started.

France sliding down the stairs.

My sister couldn’t help herself.  We used to do this as young girls in our footie-pyjamas.




Then we ate.  Yum.

After supper, we watched funny moves and laughed all night.


I made this.

On Saturday morning, my sister and I got up WAY before everyone else and watched Cool as Ice.  Ever see that movie?  If you were a teenager in the early 90’s, you’ve at least heard of it.  Maybe it’s time you watched it.


My mom and I, (and Jacob – yay), went to check out this cute little yarn shop – Rose haven Yarn Shop as per our little annual tradition.  If you’re ever in Picton, stop in.


The three generations.  I love this picture.  (Check out that kid’s beard!  Seriously.)


That night, I started and finished my Arika Cowl.  Such a fun, easy and quick knit.  AND, I love working with Cascade Eco.  I still have so much of this yarn left that I might make myself a matching hat just like the one I made my sister.

Saturday  night was also game/gift night.  My mom goes all out every year.  We play this card game and everyone ends up with a bunch of stuff.  It’s so much fun.


Then we take our traditional family photo.


We took it easy on Sunday morning and I made a cowl.


I was really bummed when I got home last night – I miss all my people.

BUT, I have lots of things to get done this week, one of which is to make the videos for my second workshop on Wednesday.  I’m excited.  And to top it all off, I decided to have another before Christmas because people kept asking.  I already have 5 people signed up.  How exciting.

Well, that’s enough for today.  I must hem some work pants.

In the last week, I’ve…

I had my first workshop ever last Tuesday.  It took some time to get ready for – patterns printed, videos recorded and edited, projector tested, etc.  I was nervous.  “What if I really suck at teaching?” I asked myself from the moment I decided to do workshops.  But I took a chance.

I didn’t suck.  And the workshop couldn’t have gone better.  The six ladies I had were amazing.  They all caught on quickly, were patient and I’m pretty sure they had fun.  Yesssss!

Introducing my first batch of students, ever.


Workshop 1


Workshop 2

Look at the smiles!  And look how much they got done.  So impressed.

The crochet workshop on December 2nd is actually overbooked.  I’m not too sure how that happened but I’ll figure it out.  That’s 13 people!  I hope I can manage it.

What else have I been up to?  Let’s see…


I made a couple of these Ash Mittens by Rowan.  Love them.  Modified them big-time from the original pattern though.  Knit with magic loop instead of on two needles with a seam (yuck).  Modified the thumb and number of rows.  I guess I pretty much did my own thing.  I also have a completely new thumb method I’m itching to try out.

the messslip stitch cowl

I made this giant mess in my living room trying to match up the colors of two balls of Charisma to make this scarf, which I’m not thrilled with.  It’s not horrendous but I’m not in love with it.  I got enough yarn at Michael’s to make four of these.  I’m not sure what to do with the rest.

eggs & chorizo paleo lasagna

I’ve been trying out some new Paleo recipes as we’re pretty sure I’m celiac.  I’m trying to get used to eating this way all the time and well, I’m kind of hungry all the time.  I’m sure things will work themselves out.  There are a tonne of great sites and blogs out there to help me find good “clean” food.

CatnisCatnis 2Catnis 3

I also got some fun pictues from Mel showing off the Catnis Cowl I made for her last year.  Thanks Mel!  I love it when people are proud to wear my stuff.

I have a few more orders to finish before the holidays, which means I’m getting closer to being able to start my Icelandic sweater.  Can’t wait!

Today, I’m excited because I’m actually getting requests for more workshops.  Love it.

Well, that’s it for me for today.  I’m off this weekend and joining the family at a big farmhouse on the water near Picton, Ontario for our 2015 Annual Christmas Family Vacation.   I even scoped out the yarn shop in the area for my mom and my traditional yarn shop excursion.  Yahoooo!


I’m not really sure what’s been going on the last few months but I’m feeling so creative.   I just want to make shit!

A few weeks ago, I was pretty sick and really not sleeping well.  What did I do when I couldn’t sleep?  I got out of bed at 4:30 am and made chapsticks.  Crazy ha?

I have ideas and urges to make things all the time.  It’s awesome and awful at the same time.

My mom used to get on me about not writing down what I was doing when I knit or crocheted something new without a pattern.  Maybe all that nagging (joke Mom – I love you) finally paid off because I keep detailed notes now when I create something from my brain.

Here are a few of the patterns I’m working on right now:

I called this one “Thimble” because it reminds me of when I was little and would watch my grandma use one to hand quilt.


This one I called “Rory” because the inspiration came from a hat Rory Gilmore wore in one of the last episodes of Gilmore Girls.  (It’s probably my favorite one so far.)

Rory pic

This one I’ve called “Mackenzie” because that’s Mac down there in the picture.  (Isn’t she adorable?)  Her mom sent me this great shot so…Ta da.  Since then, I’ve gotten so many orders for it that I’ve decided to just write out the pattern and send it out into the universe for other people.


I’ve also been making a few of my Nella, which is already published (see my last post for the link).  I just love making this piece.  It works up really quickly and the yarn is so soft.


Try not to hurt yourself laughing at my face in this pic.  But… the piece is worth showing and putting up with a bit of ridicule.

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the new Purl Soho Cashmere Ombré Wrap!

Click on photo for the link. Try and resist. ;)

How freaking amazing is this piece!!!???  The colors just blew me away when I first got their newsletter.  So bummed I can’t afford it.

I’m also obsessing over Brioche Stitch.  I’ve never done it.  But for most of my night shift last night, I imagined what it would be like to work on a really scrumptious  teal cashmere brioche scarf.

I’m at the start of what should be a really great weekend!  Can’t wait for friends, gym, yoga, crafting, food, workshop.  Yessssss!

Just a Little While Longer

It’s been a long summer.  Not travelling has taken the wind out of my sails in a big way.  BUT, things are looking up.  Sort of.

My yoga teacher training is done!  Woot woot.  No more monthly payments.  I’m officially teaching now and making a bit of extra cash – which is all going straight to the travel fund.

Towards the end of the summer, I spent a surprising amount of time at home knitting, creating, designing and writing new patterns.  (Check them out here.)  I made the time.  It helped that I was so bummed about not travelling that I was unmotivated to do much of anything else.

The weather is chilly here in Eastern Ontario and the orders are slowing coming in as they normally do this time of year (more money for the travel fund).  I really hope to still find time to make the Icelandic Sweater.  I’ve been waiting since I came back from Iceland in February to make it.  Now, because of the constant chill in the air, I’m getting the itch to cast on in a big way.

I’m also getting geared up to teach one knitting and one crochet workshop before Christmas at Auntie Em’s.  I’m really excited about passing on of my knowledge.  I really hope I do a good job.

make this crochet cowl make this knit cowl

I’m working on a charcoal Nella right now for my friend Paula.  Love this piece.  So fun to make and so scrumptious.

In 5 dodos, I’m leaving for Chicago!  Woot.  My friend Brian and I are driving over to visit with our friend Susie, who I haven’t seen in probably two years.  I’m excited.  I’ve been to Chicago twice already but I’ve never seen The Bean.  And the drive there is 14 or so hours – that’s a tonne of knitting time.  Yessssss.

Until next time.

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