I Might be Obsessed…

With YOGA!

I started practicing yoga in October/November of 2012.  I never thought it would become such a huge part of my life.  At first, I was doing it as a form of exercise.  I immediately realized that as well as making my body feel good, it was the only time in a day that my mind stayed quiet (ok… mostly quiet).  That’s when I fell in love with it.  A quiet mind, even if it’s only for an hour a couple of times a week, is a little slice of heaven.

A year and a half later, I find myself making time each day for yoga.  It always makes me feel wonderful.  At the end of class on Monday night, the teacher looked at me and said “You looks blissed-out” and giggled a bit.

Here are the reasons I love yoga:

  • It forces me to slow down.
  • It helps me ground.
  • My mind gets calm.  (This used to be very rare.)
  • Yoga is ME time.
  • I listen to my body more, on and off the mat.
  • I feel a lot more positive about life and deal with things more calmly.
  • It has taught me patience for myself and others.
  • I feel more love.  :)
  • Breathing!  So awesome.

When I talk to people about yoga, I tell them that it’s probably the only time/place I feel graceful, strong, able, un-judged, happy, centred, peaceful and BEAUTIFUL.  Who doesn’t want to feel like that???  Even if it’s just for a little slice of time in your day or week.

It wasn’t always that way though.  I struggled with poses, balance and ease for a while.  Like everything else:  you have to have the patience to suck at first.  But then one day, things just started to click.  Poses got easier, I was breathing into some good stretches and things just started to feel really good.

I hope to be able to get my teacher certification next year.  In the meantime, this is what my reading list looks like:

photo 1

I follow this wonderful Yogi named Adrien Mishler.  I just love her.  She’s quirky and funny and goofy and sometimes she swears, which cracks me up.  I’m doing her Reboot right now and am loving it.  She posted a book list with many of the above books a few weeks ago and mentioned starting a book club.  Man, was I excited!  I want to learn as much as I can.  It’s so fun.

On a completely different note, I haven’t had much time recently to knit/crochet.  Strange, but the urge is not as strong lately.  These are a few of the little projects I’ve managed to churn out in the past month or so.


IMG_5884 IMG_6382

I guess I’ve been a BIT busy travelling.  I know I haven’t posted any pictures of Vegas but we’re waiting to get all our pictures together.   Then… watch out!

That’s it for me for today.

(Blogging has become difficult for some reason.  I feel a bit like I don’t have anything to say.  Or sometimes, that the words just don’t flow.  Maybe I’ll get over it.  Or maybe I’m just having too much fun.  :))

Kicking 2014′s Ass.

Sheesh!  A lot has happened since mid-December.  I don’t know where to start really.  Again.  I’ve been writing this post for a few weeks actually, and I keep getting distracted or the words just don’t flow.

Lake Placid was awesome and crappy all at the same time.  I mean, Lake Placid is always wonderful because it’s beautiful and I got to spend a tone of time with my family.  I hadn’t spent that much time with Jacob since July.  That made my heart very happy.  It was a little less fun than usual because my mom’s husband didn’t come because of health issues so my brother-in-law didn’t come because he didn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of chicks.  He was afraid we would watch girly movies and knit and yack all weekend.  I can’t blame the poor guy.  We made the best of it though.

When we came back from Lake Placid, I had designed a new hat.  I love it.  I used Madelinetosh Pashmina.  This is some seriously awesome yarn.  I called the hat Addi as in Adirondacks.  Thought it was fitting because the yarn was purchased in Lake Placid and I thought up my pattern over there.


I feel like I knit about 100 of these easy cowls over the holidays.  Every time I finished one, someone would see and ask me to make one for a friend or family member so that they could give it to the for Christmas.

image_medium2 image_medium3

Here’s a picture of baby Abigail and her Christmas stocking (that I designed and made for her).  How cute is she???

Abby's Sock

January was really quiet. For some reason, in December and January, things seemed to be… less than flow-y.  Tones of road-blocks I called them.  I was getting really frustrated that things weren’t working out the way I had planned for this year.  Doesn’t it suck when that happens?  It was a valuable lesson for me.  Adaptability.  So I shifted my thinking a bit and something wonderful happened: a co-worker asked me if I wanted to stay at his place while he was gone on course – for 20 days!  His place reminded me of being home, out in the country where the snow stays white, the night is dark and you don’t hear the music of the cars driving by when you’re trying to sleep after a night shift.  It was bliss.  I re-charged my battery while I was there, which was much needed.  I’m pretty sure I was in the red zone.  This is when things started to open up – time off was granted, travel plans started to materialize, and as if nothing, all was flowing again.

February has been stupendous so far.  I got to cross New Orleans off my Bucket List.  There are some seriously awesome things to see in NOLA.


The buildings.


The food.  Yum!

Night Life

Burbon Street at night.


More Beautiful Plantations

The plantations.  They were my absolute favourite things.

Awesome photos

Creepy Pics in the Swamp

Love these creepy pictures.

Drinking in the streets

You can drink on the streets of New Orleans and no one gives you a fine.  :)

Famous Beignets

The famous beignets at Cafe du Monde.  Yum.

Mardi Gras World

Behind the scenes of the Mardi Gras floats.

The Cold

The cold.

The Yarn Shops

The yarn shops.

Now I’m home for a few weeks and off to Las Vegas.  That’s what I mean by things are finally starting to work out the way they were supposed to this year, minus a few things I’m still sorting out.

That’s all I have today.  I’m too busy living life to blog.  I’m still knitting but don’t have pics to post right now.

Have an awesome rest of the month.  Surely spring is around the corner… :)

I’m Itching!

I just realized that I haven’t posted any projects in a long time.  I talked about my birthday, California and NYC but no knitting.  I should fix that.

I have made so many things since the last project I posted!  Holly crap.


I made Tina a yoga mat bag out of leftovers.  Glad I crocheted this cause it would have taken me forever.  This is a great leftover project!  And apparently, she loves it – the girls at the gym told me.  :)


A very large cowl I’ve only worn once because Nancy told me it made my head look small.  (Nancy, I’m sticking my tongue out at you!)


A smaller cowl I made with the left over yarn.  I put a deliberate twist in this cowl and I don’t think I like it.  Oh well.


These pictures really suck but I’ve promised Karley that I would not show anyone the photographer’s photos of little Magnum wearing these for his first photo shoot.  So, this is what you’re stuck with for now.


I made this little hat for Carole’s nephew for Christmas.


I found some strange t-shirt yarn that I couldn’t resist buying.  I made a rag rug and gave it to Steve’s mom because she liked it and I love her.  :)


I made this hat for Steve.  I love this hat so much.  This yarn is Divine by Skacel and it’s discontinued!  Eeeeeek!  So I went on Ravelry and found a couple of people who were willing to part with their stash.  I am now the proud owner of 30 (yes, I wrote 30) new skeins of black and green Divine.  I’m totally going to make myself one of these hats and probably 6 other hats and mittens and other pretty things.  This yarn, by the way, is so nice because it is a blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere.  Oh yes.  All that yumminess in one little yarn. image_medium

Then I made a super-easy cowl for the Christmas gift exchange at work.  All the bags get numbered then everyone picks a number.  I ended up picking my own number.  When I said it out loud, Nancy traded with me and got my cowl.  I totally stole this picture from her Instagram.  (That’s for telling me I had a small head!)image_medium

Then I made this Christmas stocking for one of the guys’ new granddaughter.  I struggled with this project a lot.  I was initially going to make a stocking with intarsia in it.  I HATE intarsia!!!!  I’m not good at it at all.  Truth be told, it was my first attempt but it was so horrific (to me) that I chucked it in the garbage.  I’m pretty sure if I had had access to a shredder, I would have put my original stocking through it.  Hahahahaha.



I must have started 10 others before I finally settled on this one.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  Tom said they were having the baby’s picture taken and that they were going to try to get a picture of her IN the stocking.  It’s a big stocking.  I can’t wait to see if that picture works. It would be super-adorable.image_medium2


Right now, today, I’m working on another easy cowl for Anna.  She saw Nancy’s at the Christmas exchange and ordered one.  So did Shelley.  Looks like I’ll be making some cowls this weekend in Lake Placid. I also want to get Susie’s Annis done so that I can send it to her for Christmas.  I’m hoping to have time to work on that too over the weekend.

Jacob had a show this past week.  I try to NEVER miss his shows.  I love watching him and his friends bring it.  They played one of their new songs and it’s fantastic.  Through Lucid Eyes is their band.  They have some stuff on Youtube and downloadable albums on Bandcamp.com.


So, I’ve been home now for a little over a month.  Although I was happy to sit still when I got back, I’m itching already.  I’ve been looking at travel destinations this past week and I’m seriously itchy to go.  The challenge I now have is to find someone to travel with.  Not everyone can just leave for a week or two whenever.  Not everyone can afford to go to Europe on a whim.  So, what to do???

I will just be excited about Lake Placid for today.  It’s going to be awesome.  Same cottage as last year and the years past.  We all love it there.  Mom and I are heading out in a few hours.  I still have to pack my knitting… and some clothes.  France and Jacob and Kayla will meet us there tonight.  It’s going to be awesome.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Sitting Still

I’ve been back now from my “travelling” for 20 days.  It feels good to sit still for a bit.  It feels like it’s been chaos (in a good way) for me since the summer.  So for now, I’m glad to not be jetting off anywhere… for a few weeks at least.  Then again, when I sit still too long, I get restless.  So, we’ll see.

I’ve been busy with baby orders and Christmas orders but I haven’t managed to take any photos.  Go figure.  Stay tuned.

We’re going into Christmas soon.  I’m not a huge fan of the holidays.  It’s not the same anymore.  Christmas was so awesome when I was a kid.  Everything changes.  We have to adapt and make the best of what’s there.

So, NYC alone.  It kind of sucked.  I thought it would be a piece of cake because I’ve been there so many times.  But there’s something about being there alone that’s…. well, lonely.  And I NEVER get lonely.  I really wanted to go to nice restaurants and enjoy some good food and a glass of wine, or hit a pub and try some new beers, go to a Broadway show, etc.  But doing that alone is not that much fun.

I did, however, meet a nice girl from Brazil!  Tatiana.  We hung out for two days and really hit it off.  We spent time at MoMa and walking around Central Park (she still hadn’t seen the Bathesda Fountain and The Mall).  But when I put her in the cab to the airport, I was alone again and it sucked.  It’s very strange because I’m a very outgoing person.  Not sure what happened.  Oh well.  I can at least say that I made a friend and that I will likely end up in Brazil to see her in the next couple of years.  Yay!



I also got to see the beautiful fall foliage in Central Park.  It’s been on my to-do list forever.

On a very sad note, we lost a friend in a car accident on Sunday, November 17th.  Mike Robillard – affectionately known to us as Smitty, was a police officer in Cornwall a few years back.  It hit all of us pretty hard.  32 years old and so much life.  It’s difficult to accept that things like this happen.  People who work in our field deal with death every day but it’s so difficult when it’s someone you know and love.  So many people were touched by him in one way or another. We’re all sending him love.


Something funny happened last night; I was looking for pictures on my external hard drive and the first picture that came up in the first folder I opened was a picture of Smitty cooking hotdogs for the local kids at the Cops and Kids fishing event back in 2005.  It made me smile and it made me sad at the same time.  It’s not fair that he won’t be here anymore, especially for his wife and little boy.  I can’t imagine what life will be like for them now.

Love and appreciate the people in your life.  Tell them often that they matter and that you love them.  You never know when they’ll be taken from you.